An Analogous Perspective of Oneness of Reality Different Religions of the World.

A central theme that the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park will promote is that: The different religions in the world are analogous to different groups of people living around a large mountain. The view of the mountain for the people living in the North of the mountain is very different from the view seen by the people living in the South, and from the view seen by people living in the East and the West. But the mountain is the same mountain. And people living around each side of the mountain, may have their own path going up the mountain. One can travel around the mountain, and become conscious of the fact that the mountain is still the same mountain, In effect this will be analogous to people in an open minded manner studying, reflecting upon and discovering that the essential values inherent in all religions are the same. But this in itself is not adequate for any individual to journey up the mountain.

Undertaking the very arduous journey up the mountain, whatever path you may follow, invariably requires an individual’s personal commitment and determination, whether you decides to journey up the mountain individually or jointly with others, Also individuals that have journeyed up the mountain whatever path they may follow will meet on the top of the mountain – when one gets there. Some may not have journeyed up to the very top of the mountain, but may have gone up and consciously decided to come down and share their knowledge and experience of the path up the mountain, and the trials and tribulations they faced traveling up the mountain. So one’s best option of journeying up the mountain, would be to follow the path up the mountain from your own side of the mountain, as there are many within your own community who may have traveled up the mountain and come down to share the knowledge and experience, of journeying up the mountain.

This would also be true also with respect to your journey up the mountain of spiritual fulfillment. While you may significantly benefit by traveling round the mountain and learning from people of other religions who may have travelled to very high elevation of spiritual fulfillment, through other paths, your best option may still be to follow the path that you have come to know through your own religion. But still learning about prophets, saints and people of other religions about the path up the mountain of spiritual fulfillment, you may be able to learn a lot more about the circumstances you may face in your own journey up the mountain of spiritual fulfillment, While the paths you may follow may seem to be different the circumstances you would face at different elevation of the mountain, could be very similar.

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