Summer Student Job Opportunity: Research, Technology, and Communications Officer

The Research and Communications Officer will work under the direction of the Humanics Institute’s President and with the other Board Members of the Humanics Institute. With respect to all responsibilities outlined herein and she or he will pay special emphasis to serve the Francophone minority community.


  1. Using Web undertake research necessary to prepare and implement a marketing plan to advertise the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park emphasizing the unique function of the Humanics Sanctuary in promoting the essential values we all share and enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  2. Undertake research into Web sites where in the Institute can advertise the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park, to attract, local, National and International Tourists to the Sanctuary, and to its educational initiatives and work with other staff of the Institute to promote the Sanctuary in such sites.
  3. Using available IT tools, undertake necessary research to connect with teachers and students in schools, colleges and universities and encourage them to visit the Sanctuary and use the Sanctuary as a public educational facility.


  1. Work towards properly maintaining the Humanics Institute Web sites, and keeping them updated.
  2. Provide necessary IT support for preparation of practical arrangements for public guided and self-guided tours at the sculpture park, including signage for the sculptures, and health and safety guide lines for the public visiting the Sanctuary, and to protect the environment within the Sanctuary.
  3. Provide necessary IT Support for the Humanics Institutes to apply for grants and develop collaborative initiatives with Local, Provincial and Federal government authorities to advance awareness of the essential values we all share in Canada, irrespective of our religious, ethnic, cultural affiliations.
  4. Provide necessary IT support for the Humanics Institute to fulfill its day to day operational work, including but not limited to maintaining its accounts, and its electronic records.


  1. Using the World Wide Web, research into and establish contact with multi-cultural, interfaith, visible minority, LGBT, minority language and visible minority organizations that the Humanics Institute can work with to promote the vision of the Humanics Sanctuary and to develop mutually beneficial collaborate programs.
  2. Ensure all research and IT work undertaken for public engagement includes and covers sites and organizations of both of Canada’s official languages.
  3. Assist the Publicity, Public Relations and Tourism Officer by designing and producing marketing materials including posters, brochures, and online web site materials to promote the Humanics Sanctuary and the essential values the organization seeks to promote.

Additional Support

  1. Whenever necessary help the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park, in fulfilling its operational needs, whether it be in support of special events, and or day to day work such as staffing the gate, or ensuring that the visitors to the park are well cared for.

Qualifications Required.

Post Secondary Student enrolled in any field related to IT such as computer science, computer technology, or Web design. But if we fail to get suitable candidates from these fields, will hire student who has personally acquired significant experience in IT.

The successful applicant must be enrolled in a post secondary field of study.

The Humanics Institute has committed to give preference to Indigenous Students, students who are visible minorities or a new immigrant or refugee.

The selected student must be fluently bilingual and able to work in both official languages.


May 14 to August 31 2018

35 hours per week

$15 per hour


To apply email cover letter and CV to