Summer Student Job Opportunity: Landscaper Artist Designer

The Landscape Artist Designer will work under the direction of the Humanics Institute’s President and with the other Board Members of the Humanics Institute, and will:


  1. Design and prepare a landscape plan for the Sanctuary for the 2018 season of the Sanctuary.
  2. Will help with acquiring plants and trees planned to be planted during the period he or she would be working at the sanctuary.
  3. Ensure that the plants and trees at the sanctuary are properly cared for and watered and fertilized as necessary, and the grass in field areas are cut on a regular basis.
  4. Ensure that the walkways of the Sanctuary are cleared and safe for visitors and volunteers using the park.
  5. Work with Volunteers helping with the landscaping at the Sanctuary.
  6. Be responsible for landscaping equipment at the Sanctuary, and ensure that they are kept in good working condition.
  7. Help with designing and installing of sculptures at the Sanctuary, and ensure that the sculptures are kept clean and well cared for.
  8. Help with installing and maintaining the tents, park benches and other facilities at the Sanctuary.
  9. Ensure adherence with health and safety regulations , including suitable attire when working with landscaping equipment.
  10. Be available to help with reception at the entrance to the Sanctuary,
  11. Become knowledgeable about the artistic, cultural and religious significance of the sculptures at the Sanctuary and their relevance to common essential values being promoted by the Sanctuary and help, as needed, with guided tours for visitors and tourist visiting the sanctuary.
  12. Be fluently bilingual and be willing to work with both official languages of Canada.


Qualifications Required.

Preferably students enrolled in a post secondary institution, to study a course in Landscaping, landscape design and planning, Horticulture, Environmental Studies, Agriculture or a related subject area.

The successful applicant must be enrolled in a post secondary field of study.

The Humanics Institute has committed to give preference to Indigenous Students, students who are visible minorities or a new immigrant or refugee.

The selected student must be fluently bilingual and able to work in both official languages.


May 14 to August 31 2018

35 hours per week

$15 per hour

To apply email cover letter and CV to