Sculptures at the Sanctuary

Like the greeting conveyed by the Inuksuk, one of the first sculptures you see as you enter the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park, we welcome you to this Sculpture Park dedicated to promoting the principles of non-violence, justice and peace in the world. At the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park we are working in promoting this vision through various sculptures aimed at understanding and appreciating the following essential values inherent in all cultures and religions in the world: The Oneness of reality; all human beings are responsible beings born equal in respect and dignity, and the intrinsic relationship between human beings and the natural and cosmic environment around us.

Unlike other sculpture parks in the world, the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park is primarily meant to promote the above mentioned essential values. All the sculptures in the Sanctuary are carefully selected to represent one or more of the above mentioned essential values, inherent among all human beings irrespective of one’s ethnic, cultural, religious or national origins or affiliations.

All sculptures, particularly iconic religious sculptures at the Humanics Sanctuary, are not divine entities.  Instead, they are artistic representations of theological teachings reflecting in symbolic form, the three essential values that are promoted by the sanctuary.

The Sculptures installed in the Humanics Sanctuary are all organized into areas representing the three essential values, and areas for each of the major religions in the world, to demonstrate how these values are inherent within all these religions. We are still working on developing the areas for some of the religions and have brief write ups about how the essential values promoted by the Humanics Sanctuary are inherent values in all these religions. For many of these religions, we still do not have appropriate sculptures or other forms of artistic expression to demonstrate this fact.  We welcome any help from people affiliated to these other religions to work with us in these areas of future development.


The Sculptures in the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park are thus arranged as follows. Please follow these links to get to the titles, pictures and a brief write up about how these sculptures relate to the three essential values that the Humanics Sanctuary promotes.

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