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Oneness of Reality



Sculpture by Agnew Masango Roots of Expression Studio, Lusaka, Zambia

This sculpture represents the trinity of interrelated essential values inherent in all cultures and religions in the world: the oneness of reality; that all human beings are responsible beings born and intended to remain equal in dignity and rights, and; the intrinsic relationship between human beings and the natural and cosmic environment around them.

What values do you think are most essential to a good life?


UNITY IN DIVERSITY (Under Construction)

Sculpture by Eddie Mumba, Lusaka, Zambia

Different cultures and religions are like people living around a large mountain. The view of the mountain for the people living on one side may be very different from the view seen from another. Even if it is not im-mediately realized to be so, the mountain is, in fact, the same one mountain. Similarly, the people living around the mountain may each have their own path go-ing up the mountain. Starting from their own individual places, and walking along different pathways, they will find themselves all on the same mountain peak.

What is the impact of diversity on our society?



Sculpture by Wonder Welders, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The story of the blind men whose understanding of the elephant was limited by the part of the animal they were in contact with, reminds us that none of us can have more than a partial perception of the whole. Reality is vast, complex and mysterious and we are, by nature, constrained in our ability to fully comprehend and conceptualize it.

In what ways do we pretend we know the answers to life’s big questions?



Sculpture by Chitungwiza Arts Centre,Zimbabwe

This sculpture depicts the symbol for infini-ty, the idea of existence without any bounda-ries. The concept of infinity is an important tool in science as well as in religion, both of which address the possibility of an unlimited universe.

What do you feel when you gaze into a night knowing the vast distances between stars?



Sculpture by Ishmael Chitiyo, Harare, Zimbabwe

Sometimes, we feel trapped and even crushed by the problems which grip us. The idea of transcendence is that we can go above and beyond our mundane concerns and enter a state of wholeness, perfection, wisdom and excellence, here on earth and perhaps in life after death. Ideally, transcendence provides insight into how we can approach our life in a more positive and constructive way.

How do you go about gaining a higher and more peaceful perspective on your life?

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