Dear members and friends of the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park,

The purpose of this e-mail is to let you know that we will be opening the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park for the 2023 season, on the 20th of May at 10:00 AM.

We have not planned any specific special events on this day, however we would appreciate it if any members, associate members, volunteers, present and future staff, as well as any other supporters of the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture park, could join us at 3:00 PM at the Park on the 20th May to have a conversation about our goals to bring the Humanics Sanctuary to a higher level and ensure its long-term sustainability.

We are particularly interested in:

·       volunteers to help with the work at the Park, such as regular maintenance and landscaping;

·       organizers to initiate and/or help us with special events;

·       having help spreading the word to attract more visitors to the park (this might be though distribution of door hangers in your neighbourhood, posting notices at hotels, libraries, stores, places of worship, or workplaces, etc.);

·       promoting group visits from schools, retirement homes, seniors’ groups, cultural, or religions groups, book clubs, and other community and interest groups;

·       promoting the opportunity for people to hold special events, such as weddings, memorial services, birthday parties, etc. at the Park;

·       soliciting donations to fund further development of the Park, such as building the pavilion and gazeboes;

·       encouraging people to sponsor sculptures at the Park;

·       your involvement in any other way you may wish to help further our mission (we welcome any proposals or initiatives you are willing to take on to make this happen!).

We look forward to seeing you at the Park on May 20th as we kick-off what we hope will be a very successful 2023 season for the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park.  

With best regards,
Archarya Ranjit Perera
President Humanics Institute

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