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The Humanics Institute is a secular Federally Registered Canadian Non-Profit Organization, located in Ottawa. One of its main functions is to develop and operate the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park.

The purpose of the Humanics Institute and the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park is; through education, sculptures and other forms of art, generate a collective impact – a consciousness that while acknowledging that differences exist, that commonalities in our religious beliefs, spirituality, race, culture, ethnicity, and nationality ultimately unite us.   We hope to achieve this result through advancement of consciousness of three essential values inherent in all major cultures and religions in the world, namely:

Oneness of Reality.

Equal Respect and Dignity of all Human Beings. and

The Intrinsic Relationship between Human Beings and the Natural and Cosmic Environment around us.

The Humanics Institute’s Mailing address

Humanics Institute;

601 Brookridge Crescent

Ottawa, Ontario K4A 1Z6. Canada.

Board of Directors of the Humanics Institute

Acharya Ranjit Perera  – President

Sriyani Perera – Secretary

Melvin Machado – Treasurer

Michael Garnett

Zora Mellick

Rajini Potechin

Jocelyne Smallian-Khan

Nimal Fonseka

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